Friday, April 18, 2014


Quick website update before bed…

Added a purchases section to the "listings" page. Since not every real estate transaction is a listing I figure it would be good to show you folks what I get done on the buyer side of things too!

Also made a few other minor and random changes. Fixed some Firefox alignment issues on the "contact" page as well as added a 'touch to call' feature on the phone number section. That only works correctly via a touch screen and voice enabled device, like an iPhone.

You may have noticed I added automatic image rotation on the main page. Now you don't have to reload the page several times to see all the available images. I will update and add to that rotation of images soon as well.

Over on my twitter page I updated the background images to fit properly again. Twitter keeps changing things and it messes with everyone's custom backgrounds. :( Hopefully they leave it as is for awhile now.

I believe those all are the changes as of late. Time to get some rest before I get back out on the real estate trail tomorrow morning!



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